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I have hired the DjaoDjin Team to develop my online product. They have great work ethics, hard workers and subscription experts. I am definitely looking forward to continue our business relationship. Thank you.
Hasan Mirjan ‐ SphereMail General Manager

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DjaoDjin looks pretty cool! I can certainly see why people might outsource authentication and subscription and billing. It's a pain to do it cleanly and keep it secure. I just cloned your source tree...
Johan Nestaas ‐ Secure Software Developer

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What does DjaoDjin mean?
"Djao" is a salutation word in Northern Thai that translates to welcome. "Djin" refers to a spirit inhabiting trees, lakes and mountains in Africa. DjaoDjin is the Welcome Spirit. Learn About Our Values »
Is DjaoDjin a payment processor?
No, we rely on Stripe for credit card processing and storage, just as thousands of businesses do around the world.
Does DjaoDjin provide an API for subscription management?
No. We believe our customers will receive more value when using a simple, Subscription hosting platform. There are so many components to building a business on the Internet, let us take care of API integrations. Of course, if it is what you really enjoy to do, contact us to join our team. These are our Operational Guidelines ».
Why does DjaoDjin bundles authentication and subscription?
We have evaluated our customers who have integrated to fully host their business on djaodjin.com and found that the core service product represents between 20% to 30% lines of source code. Therefore, 80% of a boutique Software as a Service deals with the administrative component of running the business online. (Registration, Password Recovery, Pricing Plans, Coupons, Refunds, etc.).
Is there really no way to have API access?
DjaoDjin subscription backends are built as an API service. If you really insist, however, we will make it available to you. It is just not our core business.